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Dr. Michael Daly

        Associate Professor,      

Department of Psychology,

Maynooth University

Education House, Maynooth University, 

Maynooth, Ireland


TEL: +353(0)14747742


             My research focuses on the relationship between                   social circumstances and mental health and well-being, and the lifespan effects of self-control. 

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Michael completed his BA and PhD in Psychology at Trinity College Dublin. Previously, Michael has been a Trinity College Dublin Ussher Fellow, a Fulbright Scholar at Florida State University, a lecturer in the School of Psychology in the University of Manchester, a Marie Curie Postdoctoral Fellow researching at the University of Aberdeen and University College Dublin, and an ESRC Future Research Leader at the University of Stirling. Michael took up a position as Senior Lecturer in the University of Stirling in 2012 and was involved in the development of a centre for Behavioural Science research in the university at that time. From 2015-2018 Michael was a Reader in Behavioural Science in the Stirling Management School before joining the Maynooth Department of Psychology as an Associate Professor in 2018. 

Michael Daly is an Associate Professor based in the Department of Psychology, Maynooth University,  (full CV here)


Rm 1.17

Education House

Maynooth University,



MAIL:; michael.a.daly@mu,ie

TEL: +353 (0) 14747742



List of publications, most recent contributions are linked below:​​
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Editorial: Weight stigma as a risk factor for suicidality
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Supplementary tables for this paper are available here.

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Supplementary content and tables for this paper are available here.

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